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NET stacks for i OS and Android from scratch, because Novell still owned Mono Touch and Mono for Android at the time. LINQ to Objects, XML, and SQL are part of the distribution.After this announcement, the future of the project was questioned, Mono Touch and Mono for Android being in direct competition with the existing commercial offerings now owned by Attachmate, and considering that the Xamarin team would have difficulties proving that they did not use technologies they formerly developed when they were employed by Novell for the same work. Windows Forms 2.0 is also supported, but not actively developed, and as such its support on Mono is incomplete.They are primarily written in C#, but due to the Common Language Specification they can be used by any . The class library is structured into namespaces, and deployed in shared libraries known as assemblies. NET framework is primarily referring to this class library. There are other top-level namespaces as well, such as Accessibility and Windows.Namespaces are a mechanism for logically grouping similar classes into a hierarchical structure. The structure is implemented using dot-separated words, where the most common top-level namespace is System, such as System. A user can define a namespace by placing elements inside a namespace block.To improve performance this collector assigns memory pools to each thread to let threads allocate new memory blocks without having to coordinate with other threads.

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As of October 2010, a new generational collector called the Simple Generational GC (SGen-GC) became available as part of Mono. For versions of Mono from 2.8 to 3.1.0, users can elect to use the SGen garbage collector by passing the This new garbage collector has many advantages over a traditional conservative scanner.Posix), database connectivity libraries, a security stack, and the XML schema language Relax NG.Gtk# allows Mono applications to integrate into the Gnome desktop as native applications. As these components are not covered by Ecma standards, some of them remain subject to patent fears and concerns.Mono can be run on many software systems including Android, most Linux distributions, BSD, mac OS, Windows, Solaris, and even some game consoles such as Play Station 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. The Mono runtime is now able to use LLVM as a code generation backend and this release introduces Mono co-routines, the Mono Soft Debugger and the Core CLR security system required for Moonlight and other Web-based plugins. The Interactive shell supports auto-completion and the LINQ to SQL supports multiple database backends. NET 4.0, drops the 1.0 profile support; the LLVM engine tuned to support 99.9% of all generated code, runtime selectable llvm and gc; incorporates Dynamic Language Runtime, MEF, ASP.The Mono project has been controversial within the open-source community, as it implements portions of . NET MVC2, OData Client open-source code from Microsoft;.