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Ivy Dickens Being in the Will Okay, let’s see if we can remember this correctly: Ivy Dickens was an actress hired by Serena’s aunt Carol to play Charlie Rhoads, Serena’s long-lost cousin, so that Carol could get access to Charlie’s trust fund.

Just because Jenny goes to school with her daughter?Serena Getting Drugged Twice If someone gets a drug slipped in their drink at a club once, shame on the person who put it there.If someone gets a drug slipped in their drink at a club twice, shame on the writers for not coming up with a better plot. The show expected us to believe that the pinnacle of literary publishing in America would devote some of its pages to an unknown high-school junior whose best friend sent in his story as a blind submission?Under tiden hon medverkade i Veronica Mars, spelade hon Mary Lane i filmen Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. År 2007 fick hon en roll i NBC-serien Heroes där hon spelade den elektrifierande karaktären Elle Bishop.Samma år blev hon berättarrösten i The CW-serien Gossip Girl, samt en huvudroll i filmen Dumpad.