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In addition, employees need to be trained and educated about chemical hazards and precautions.

Chemical manufacturers, distributors, and importers are the most involved groups in the authoring and evaluation of MSDSs.

The main purpose of the MSDS was to accompany hazardous chemical shipments in order to inform users and transporters about the specific dangers that product could present.

MSDSs include information about safe handling procedures, proper storage and disposal practices, and what to do in case of accidental exposure.

Section 3: Composition/information on ingredients includes information on chemical ingredients: substances, mixtures and chemicals with trade secret claims.

Section 4: First-aid measures include necessary first-aid instructions; description of important symptoms, acute or delayed.

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Section 6: Accidental release measures list emergency procedures; protective equipment; proper methods of containment and cleanup.This short primer article will give you a breakdown of the new SDS sections so that you’ll be prepared to read, understand, or author your own GHS SDSs.Since OSHA established its 1994 Hazard Communication guidelines, the 8-section MSDS has been the most commonly used MSDS format across the United States.This means there are more sections and more streamlined phrases present on a SDS.At first glance you’ll notice that an SDS contains a great deal more information than the standard MSDS.