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The weather at the beach was perfect, except for the waves. We got My husband loves for me to tell him all about my college sex escapades and we thought you all would be interested in hearing about them as well.They were about 7 feet high and crashing just on the shoreline. That proved to be a good thing, because everyone was walking on the beach or laying on their blankets. First off my ex (college boyfriend at the time) used to break into my parents house at night and surprise me in bed.She had one other partner that she had intercourse with, and had fooled around with a couple other guys. Okay, so my husband and I are very new to this lifestyle and have only done soft swapping.We are friends with this couple who live a ways away from us, so we go up there about once a month to go out and party with them. The last time we were there, the other wife and myself started kissing and we took off our shirts and things were good.We drove straight to the nude beach that I wrote about in September.

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I love how it feels as he teases my asshole and my pussy with it, pressing gently at first one, then the other, then back to the first again. Usually it's outside but so far we have never been caught as far as we know.

I would peak on him and watch but it wouldn't last long as he knew I was around the house.

So what I do now is announce that I will be taking a shower and doing my nails and my hair and a ... This is more of a funnier story but still sexy (and as you can see I am a natural redhead).

My pussy would continue to pump your cock, I then would feel ...

I'm sorry the other pics I sent you were too blurry but how are these? I want to tell you about what I like to do in the shower.

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