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After Balthasar gave authorities a full confession and the names of the remaining members of the counterfeit gang he was freed.

In a document of 1627 Balthasar was described “an artful master of clockmaking and other wonderful inventions.” In 1631, he went to Delft where he was active in metalwork and clockwork. , Vermeer's father and one of Neeltge's three children born before her first husband's death, was born in his father's house.

Shortly after their marriage the couple settled in Delft.

Vermeer's sister, Gertruy, was born in March of 1620, 12 years earlier than Johannes.

In 1623, Reyniers' and Digna's movable goods were appraised and valued at 693 guilders.

Their paintings, which included four princely portraits, a few pictures of the Old Testament, a brothel scene () and a painting of "an Italian piper," were worth 53 guilders.

Balthasar Gerrits (c.1573–c.1630), the father of Vermeer’s mother, lived in Antwerp and was an expert in metalwork and coin-making.From 1595 to 1972, Beestenmarkt was the site of the noisy livestock market held weekly in Delft.Like most of the people who lived there, both were illiterate.When Spanish troops occupied his hometown, he moved to Amsterdam.In 1620, his son Balthens was arrested for a counterfeiting scam in The Hague, where he and his father had cut dies in order to forge counterfeit coins.