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Thanks When Rachel finds herself slushied for a record breaking third time in a single day, she finds herself in the locker room and out of clean clothes. I really suck at summary (: please read and review! 10 years later, the haze of forgetfulness dissipates. He instantly takes a liking to Rachel and to her friend Quinn. To cut costs both girls pick a friend who can also live with them. She needs to feed on human blood to survive and for centuries it was never a big problem. why she can't drain the life of this little brunette? Competing to win the competition and dealing with more serious issues, the four girls bond over the strange situation. If you have an idea for a one shot or a story please PM me. Quinn just happens to be one of the variables in the experiment. Unless I receive positive feedback, then I might try to carry the story out. Rated M for some slightly sexy scenes and mildly saucy language. Besides her family Santana and Brittany are the only people who know about this secret. Spring Break is around the corner and Kurt left for Lima. But when she met a teenage girl named Rachel Berry at a bar that is absolutely for adults only, how can they deal with their growing feelings knowing that everyone is against them because of their 8-year age gap? Faberry very later on, Glee club family friendship, Puckleberry bro-sis relationship. R&RRachel is Santa's daughter and in accordance to tradition it is time that she goes out into the real love in the real world. Quinn is a vampire who has been around for quite some time, conquering the innocents of the human world.

She finds help from an unexpected source, but just what do they want, and will Rachel be able to handle the fall out? Now, with restored memories and growing superhuman abilities, will the 4 be able to survive & relive the darkest months of their childhood or will they finally succumb to evil? Now it's his mission to get his owner and her best friend together. How will all four girls get along, will it be worth it? Based on the fan made video Make A Wish, this story is about Quinn who makes a wish while blowing out her birthday candles that she'd get a chance at having Rachel fall in love with her. Most of my stuff is Mature so I am going to label them all that way to be safe. Carefully, the brunette wiped away the tears from Quinn's face. Quinn Fabray helps out Santana to get the star that has fallen beyond the town she's been living in for eighteen years. AU: Quinn Fabray is the daughter of the famous minster in the small town of Lima Ohio. Faberry/Pezberry/Quitt Rachel Berry, former annoyingly obnxious Glee club captain and loser is now a... Things are gonna seriously get flipped upside down in the little town of Lima, Ohio. Rachel is totally against it but in accordance to an agreement with her parents she will search until Christmas for her soulmate. Rachel is an unsuspecting human, whose aspirations are far more than any of her peers could hope for.

Humor, swearing and Elsanna.)AU JJ is an actress with a stalker and Emily is the private security guard hired to protect her. But what happens when one certain brunette wants to know everything about her? It was love at first sight when he met Quinn Fabray but does she feel the same? Too bad that each one had fallen for very shy girls. Quinn Fabray finds out she isn't just a normal werewolf, if you could call being a werewolf normal, but that she is to become the new Alpha. Después de la muerte de su novia durante la batalla final, Hermione Granger es salvada de caer en manos de Voldemort por un Auror desconocido. their meeting, however, is nothing casual or accidental. Pero el experimento no funciona como esperaban y la libido de ambas se dispara.

There are characters from other shows but since I am changing their circumstances, this isn't really a crossover. Quinn a new up an coming director for Broadway is reunited with an old friend and crush in an unexpected place, her crush has changed, and so has the persons dream, Warning G! "Why is it so easy to get lost in those brown eyes? and damn every minute that I can't spend by her side ..." Oh Yeah... Friends are lost, relationships are tested and things will never be the same. After portraying herself as a character, she's about to let Mc Kinley see what she's really all about! Are her walls going to stay up or crumble to pieces? Can the shy girls come to terms with the bigness of endearment – as they try to navigate their true feelings of actually being in love with a girl? With this revelation, the possibility of a rival pack crouching in, dealing with parental issues, and the new girl Quinn has a lot on her plate. Tiempo después, durante su último curso en Hogwarts, Hermione y su salvador desconocido inician un romance que debe terminar tan súbitamente como inició. Rachel Berry's life might be in danger and it is Quinn's responsibility to ensure of her safety. Rachel y Quinn se pasan las noches en el laboratorio intentándolo una y otra vez. Four years long Quinn waited for the chance to finally have her way with Rachel Berry. Well that's the thing, it's Miss Berry and she's Quinn's teacher.

But, what happens when they have a concert in Lima, Ohio the place they said they would never face again and see the one that broke their hearts.(They are now 18 and live in UK with there parents)Rachel Barbra Corcoran a la edad de 28 años se tomo al fin un descanso de su vida en Broadway , penso que tendria unas vaciones inolvidables al estar en las hermosas playas de Las Bahamas y todo se vueve mas interesante cuando conoce a uno jovencita peculiar. P ESTOY PUBLICANDO DE NUEVO LA HISTORIA DEBIDO A PROBLEMAS DE IDENTIDAD CORREO YO ERA CHARLIE21AGRONFemslash. Well Santana won't just let Rachel back talk her, oh no. *on hiatus*Quinn has just graduated from Yale and doesn't know what to do with her life. The boy is not very bright, however, and the spell ricochets around the hall and hits Quinn. Rachel and Santana are master thieves and Quinn..Puck are the detectives trying to catch them.

Quinn Fabray, es el prototipo de chica perfecta en la ciudad de Lima, Ohio, pero conocerá a una hermosa Skater que cambiara todos sus esquemas, que pasara con ellas? Historia narrada desde el punto de vista de Quinn Quinn Fabray, Brooke Davis, and Caroline Forbes are the head bitches in charge at Mc Kinley high. through the eyes (and maybe ears) of their three closest but very nosy friends. Quinn puts her quest to find herself on hold in order to figure out the suddenly more mysterious Rachel Berry. So who protects Rachel when the Latina goes too far? She goes to NYC on a whim and tries to see what she can find. Unfortunately, the spell was mispronounced and instead of shrinking, it causes Quinn to grow a sizable g! Mortified, she flees the hallway and locks herself in the locker room. It is a hot, sticky summer when Quinn Fabray, Rachel's ex, decides to tag-along with Noah on his visit to the Berries. Rachel/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, other less important Glee pairings will appear throughout as well.

What happens when genderswap Rachel a.k.a Ryan Berry finds a crying Quinn in the girls locker room. What you see here are ideas and drabbles that didn't evolve into full-blown fics. Rachel Berry se muda con sus padres a Ohio, donde conocerá a Quinn Fabray la Quarterback de la preparatoria WMHS, las chicas ya tienen a sus personas especiales, pero que pasara cuando ambas descubran el amor que sienten es más fuerte que todo. Add to that the lack of company, and orgasms, she was definitely in need of help. It's love at first sight for Quinn, but when she learns Rachel is the princess, she's wondering if they'll ever be able to have a chance at love. Quinn, como su mejor amiga, intentara ayudarla a superar todo lo que venga después de eso. Quinn is a Lion, Santana is a Panther and they both have girl! Rachel is the only female feline in school and is a rare Abyssinian, which makes her quite the catch and the cat-alyst of the majority of Santana and Quinn's cat fights…See what I did there? Everything has become predictable and her life is lacking in excitement. This is a Teacher/Student Faberry fic, with smut but a little plot as well.Alright this story is completely out of hiatus will be re-wrote. Can the new family in Lima have anything to do with all of this new world for her and the gleeks. Vampires, witches, mermaids...anything is possible. If there's a bit you would like to see, message me here on FF or on my Tumblr! "-Yo haré que vuelvas a creer en el amor" Faberry, con un poco de Brittana y... Ustedes deciden el ultimo x D"A bushy-haired Gryffindor girl was staring at her silently from amidst the noise, but her gaze was not filled with hatred. She had never seen anything like this in her life, except with a Veela and its mate. Well, it was until Santana proposed a bet involving the gorgeous new English teacher, Miss Fabray. PWhen JJ discovers that Emily is a lesbian, her reaction is a surprise to both of them. I've tweaked some chapters so there's more smut & flow in it.There won't really huge changes to the story but there will be some. "ON HIATUS Rachel Berry had never been known for crazy parties, but then again she wasn't known for kissing girls either. AU (sort of) - Finchel never happened, Quinn likes Rachel but Rachel doesn't know. And when the two are asked to go undercover as a lesbian couple, will the experience ruin their friendship or drive them closer together than either ever could have dreamed? Just a one shot I wrote based on a GKM prompt to get Faberry out of my head. Has side Brittana and an implied Pinn/Brittana hook up after as well."Tell me you love me," Hermione slurred, an air of inebriated confidence shining through her words as she courageously stepped towards her. Its 2019, Quinn Fabray, aged 25, now going by the name of Charlie, is a famous photographer in England. He's determined to make Rachel change her mind about herself, unknowingly falling for her as well. The Fabray siblings, Quinn and Sam, are sent to Lima, Ohio to live with their grandmother, who can hopefully keep them away from trouble. Out of the five Glee men and the five Glee women who will she choose to call hers. War is coming, and they can feel it in their bones. Rachel is sexually frustrated because of her boyfriend's inability to give her an orgasm. Rachel, however, is very much in love with her girlfriend, Quinn Fabray. When she decided to flee the party, the whole place went dark and she found herself kissing a girl with smoke flavor lips. In Celibacy Club she tells Emma and Quinn, and Quinn has her own theory that she wants to test. With Glee Club falling apart, Rachel can only think of one person to come to their rescue. And, surprisingly, she was the one who would help." Warning: Language/mention of rape. (FABERRY50SOMBRAS)AU-Nerd¡Rachel & Quinn.- Llevo años, AÑOS, enamorada de Quinn, pero ella ni si quiera me da la hora del día. However, when love comes into the picture, both girls learn the dangers of their life, and invest in each other. If that weren't enough Rachel has an attitude about the same size as the Empire State Building, which does not suit well in a town like Lima. When Santana drags Quinn and Rachel to Lima a day earlier than expected to complete one of Brittany's plans. Add in a lovestruck Harmony, an upset Sugar, a mean Kitty, and a confused Marley. And how does mysterious Fleur Delacour tie into this mess?"Tell me that you have always wanted me," she whispered, her hand driveling down her blouse. Rachel Berry, Broadway Star, is in London for a west-end show of the Sound of Music. Sorry AU-Quinn is head Cheerio and the pregnancy never happened, G! Rachel always like Quinn, more like loved her since Grade 9, but has been rejected by Quinn a million times. Quinn & Rachel are in a loveless marriage with each other because it was the best option after they met each other again. Quinn Fabray is a Hollywood star that to help raise funds for a social event auctions a kiss. When Finn is unable to please his wife, Rachel Berry, he comes up with a plan that ultimately reunites him with his enemy, Quinn Fabray. They get use to small town living, and Quinn meets Rachel who makes her want to be better. Upon Kurt's suggestion, she contacts an "Escort" company. [Els Anna, not incest]Five years may not seem long, but to not see her beloved sister for that long feels like eternity. But the once blonde cheerleader was now a self-claimed punk with pink hair and a bad attitude. Mention of other Disney characters.[HIATUS] Rachel Berry was born just a little different than most girls. Lo cual es triste, porque ella es la Princesa Peach para mi mario bross, La princesa Leia para mi Han Solo, la princesa Zelda para mi Link...comprenden el punto. I'm terrible at summaries, so don't let this put you off. Rachel lives in the Port of London with her mother Shelby, leading a sad life, struggling not to starve, still waiting for her father who left them. Faberry/Brittana Five girls from different worlds forced together into glee club. The only thing they have in commom,wanting to make something from n they learn to love or find love? HG/FD; HP/GW; CC/LLRachel Berry was not afraid of She had to repeat this mantra to herself as she ran away as fast as her short legs could carry The elliptical had prepared her endurance, but never for speed, and even then, she felt her knees start to ache, her legs burn, and her breathe It wouldn't be long before it caught up with *AU where Rachel meets weretiger Quinn*Rachel Berry, una típica adolescente incontrolable y homosexual con padres desesperados por el bienestar de su niña.