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All had been convicted of a Capital crime, in most cases drug possession, and sentenced to death.All had become the property of the State, and were in the process of being rehabilitated at our school. version with Dutch subtitles: Cast: Females; * Christy Canyon * Colleen Brennan * Heaven St. Colleen Brennan, Jerry Butler, Mindy Rae * Scene 3. John [Facial] * Holly Mc Call * Honey Wilder * Kitten Natividad * Lee Caroll * Mindy Rae * Mona Page [Facial] * Rachel Ashley [Facial] * Susan Nero Males; * Charles Hooper * Eric Edwards * Jamie Gillis * Jerry Butler * John Leslie * Michael Morrison * Tom Byron * Scene 1. Others were further along with very developed breasts and behinds, and mouths that were very pouty.

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Most were low cut, in order to reveal whatever cleavage the girl had; and were tight in order to show the girls waists, asses, and legs. The parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins of the Birthday Girl were all in attendance.s reform school that was the centerpiece of our particular club.By one week from tonight, none of the 20 girls we were inducting into the school will still be virgins.Each of them will have had their asses opened, almost certainly by more than one man.One week from tonight, when a Master walks by them, they will know better than to look him in the eye. If he takes her head in his hands, she will immediately open her lips to receive his mouth, or tongue, his fingers, or his erect penis. But tonight, these silly little girls know nothing of the kind, as we mark them. The police out-number the 200 guests, and everyone is arrested.She will by that time, know enough to obey his order immediately, whether it is to get over his knee, bend over a table, or kneel on the floor. I have been through this routine countless times, and the terror is delicious as I taste it in the air. I nod to the two Officers that have been assigned to me, and through my earpiece I tell them which two girls I have selected from the table I was serving as the waiter.